Friday, May 28, 2010

Mysteries at Olyphant, PA?

A little known subject for most, are the Mysteries of the City of Olyphant, PA. Olyphant, a town of approximately 5,000 residents sits in the Northeast corner of the state of Pennsylvania. The town, from all outward appearances, looks like any other town of it's size. But there are those who talk about the "Stargate" and it's connection to the Constellation of Orion and UFOlogy, as well as the connection to ancient Egyptian symbolism.

It has been said by those who have delved into the mysteries of Olyphant that the story of this town has been obscured by the "Establishment", that those in power have tried to hide the truth of this town.

When looking at a map of the town, one will be pointed to the connection to Orion by the layout of certain way points, churches laid out on the far corners with a Jewish Temple in the center, the design being the position of the stars that make up Orion. 6 Churches and 1 Temple, making the number 7. the Egyptians were said to worship the 7 stars of the constellation, believing the Pharaoh "God kings" came from Orion, and that when they died here, their souls returned there as well.

This, as well as the earthen Pyramid that sits overlooking the town (Not as much now as in past decades because of erosion and man's influence) and the positioning of an anchor, symbolic of the Egyptian "Ankh", pointing towards the Temple, makes some believe that the Temple may be a gateway to another dimension or plain of existence. Perhaps a Stargate with access to Orion itself.

The Temple is no longer used for worship, but was bought by Magicians Dorothy D. And John Pravo, owners if the Houdini Museum in Scranton, PA own the home beside the Temple, and it has been rumored that the Temple may hold some magic secrets. On her store in Scranton is the Words, "Houdini Lives". Does she perhaps have access to a dimension or portal to know that Houdini does live "In another existence"?

From what I have read on the Olyphant, PA mysteries, one name comes up most, that of John Peruka, who has done the most research and commenting on this issue. The small amount of information available on this issue seems to always include his name in some part. I do know that numerology plays a large part in what has been suggested about Olyphant, though I am not familiar enough with that discipline to say one way or the other if it is logical or just wishful math on someones part.

It this town and the "Mystery" worth another look by Paranormal Investigators? Is this a story just made up by a man who sees things of no real importance and builds a fantasy story around them? Just click the links below and read for yourself about the "Mysteries of Olyphant".

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Apollo Moon Landing...Was It Faked?

In 1969, America became the first nation to successfully put a man on the moon. Less than a decade before, President John F. Kennedy had made the call for America to be the first to arrive at our closest celestial neighbor. When America watched Neil Armstrong take that "One giant leap for mankind", America shot ahead of the Soviet Union is the Space Race.

But did it really happen? Since that time, skeptics have put forth evidences and reasons of why it did not while defenders have tried to disprove the theories as "Loony", pardon the pun.

The best evidence that the Lunar Landing was faked comes from the photographs supposedly taken by NASA themselves. Problems with shadowing, light sources and what could have been or not been done with equipment and technology at the time, have been the key issues behind the skepticism. Some things that do not fit well with the NASA account of the Apollo Missions:

1. Radiation - A simple issue to examine, but not a simple one to overcome when dealing with space travel. Not only is there the issue of solar flares and the radiation being presented by our our sun, but also of the Van Allen belt. This belt of radiation is actually two belts with the same name. the radiation in those belts would have to be flown through to reach the moon. It should have, in theory, been so strong that Russian scientist in the late 1950's said astronauts would need 4 feet of lead just to be safe. Oddly enough, the Apollo capsule was made of thin aluminum and no ill effects from the astronauts was reported. In 1998, the Space Shuttle and its crew flew to its highest altitude ever, 350 miles up. This is hundreds of miles below the Van Allen Belt, and yet the crew on board the shuttle reported seeing radiation so strong they could see it through their eyelids. What effect would that radiation have had on an Astronaut having to travel through the radiation belt for a long period of time in a capsule made of 1/8 inch aluminum?

2. The "Left Behind" Equipment - There was equipment left on the surface of the moon. This actually started before we supposedly set foot on moon.
1959 - Luna 2
1962 - Ranger 4
1965 - Luna 5
1966 - Luna
1966 - Surveyor 1
1969 - Apollo 11 Decent and Ascent stages
1971 - 3 Moon Buggies left by Apollo's 15-17

There is more equipment there than this, but basically, the Moon has become the largest trash dump outside planet earth. Pretty sad considering that the Astronauts were supposed to have left a kind of welcome basket for anyone who may happen across it from another world with a gold olvie branch, some recordings and the like. Not sure why they would stop off on our moon...No refilling stations...Unless they are built on the dark side...but that is another blog for a later date.

The issue has been raised that if the stuff is there, why can't we see it from earth? Not with the most powerful telescopes, not even Hubble, and even with the recent photographic mapping of the moons surface, there is no trace of the items left behind. Defenders say that no telescope would be able to pick up the objects because of how telescopic lenses work. I can only tell you that they throw out some big numbers and lose me completely. If you are a genius at math, you can check out the calculations for yourself.

3. Space Suits - Far from what we have available to Astronauts today were the space suits worn by those first Astronauts. This would be the biggest sticking point for me in the entire theory of why we didn't visit the moon. I have read the logistics of the NASA Radiation Program in reference to the Apollo missions, and I have yet to find HOW the Astronauts where protected from the radiation they would have encountered, not only in general space travel, but especially in reference to the Van Allen belt. At the time of the Apollo missions, was our technology good enough to prevent radiation poisoning of the Astronauts? In reading what the suits were made of, and with my limited knowledge of how radiation works, I can't say for certain. though this is a good question to be asked. Of all the dangers they faced, radiation and micrometeor's would have been the two biggest.

My brief outlay hardly covers the surface of what the skeptics and defenders have to say on the issue, so I will give you two very good websites to visit. Decide for yourself if we did, or did not, land on the moon.



"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men to do nothing" - Edmund Burke

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bilderberg...Leading Us To A New World Order?

Some would laugh at the very question. Many within the Powerful and Elite would snicker and scoff at the mention of it, especially those who have been privy to attend the meetings of this secretive society. When the stray reporter may ask about Bilderberg, which is very rare at best, be sure the Reporter will be made to look like an idiot and conspiracy theorist.

But, there are facts about this group that you will never hear. The main stream news and media outlets will never report on a Bilderberg Conference, nor on the people that are found to have attended.

Founded in 1954 by Jozef Retinger, the first meeting was held at the Hotel De Bilderberg in the Netherlands, from which the group took it's now infamous name. Retinger was made Secretary of the group until his death in 1960. Retinger was also an advocate for a unified Europe, and founded the European Movement and the Council of Europe. The founding of the European Movement led to the European Union as we know today.

So what was the reason for the Conferences to begin with?

It was to promote what is known as Atlanticism, the idea of partnership and cooperation among European and North American countries. This idea led to groups like NATO, which is a birth child of Atlanticism.

What do we know about the Bilderberg Group?

The truth is, just what they want us to know and what has been smuggled out of the conferences by some brave souls. The rules for a Bilderberg Attendee is basically this, "Whatever is said or done at the conference never leaves the conference". The strict adherence to that rule has led to very little being told by those who have been there. They just don't talk.

Now let me make clear that the Bilderberg Group is not a group that just anyone will get into. It is the most Elite and Powerful people on the planet. Those who are involved in Banking, Corporations, News and Media Agencies, Politics and Academia are the ones who make the guest lists each year. Usually, there are 100 to 150 people who are invited to attend. These people are chosen by a steering committee with two members each from what is believed to be around 18 nations. An Advisory Committee also exists, but "Membership" per se, is not in the Bilderberg rules, though I suppose you could say that if you have attended, then you are a member.

That is but a brief synopsis of the group. The fact is, to get into an in depth discussion of this group would take more space than I have available. So I am going to outline some of the things we do know, and are rumored, about the Bilderberg Group.

1. They are the "Elite" of our society. From Bankers, Corporate CEO's, Politicians, Media and News and Academia.

2. Of those who have been in attendance from the US is Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller and Bill Clinton. These are but a few, there are many, many more, including sitting Congressmen and Senators.

3. Many of the members have overlapping powers in the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, two of the most secretive and powerful groups in Washington DC, headed by those who are not even elected to power by the people, yet they have the power to bend legislation to their will.

4. Many of the hierarchy of the group have ties to big oil and pharmaceuticals. David Rockefeller, a long standing member of Bilderberg, in partnership with JP Morgan Chase, owns over half of the pharmaceutical interest in the US.

5. Corporate Heads from Shell, Exxon, Nokia, Coca-Cola and other large corporations have been in attendance as well.

6. Rumors have surfaced in the past that a cure for cancer was suppressed by the Bilderberg Group because of its member ties to the multi-billion dollar drug industry. Cancer is big business, generating billions in drug sales just in the US. it is also rumored that oil prices have risen and fallen in price according to the whims and wishes of big oil CEO's for the purposes of the Bilderberg Group and their agenda.

7. NAFTA and the WTO (World Trade Organization) were all idea's that came from Bilderberg. It was not to bring other nations into equal trade and access with the United States, but it was to allow Corporations to have open doors to send American manufacturing jobs overseas. NAFTA was designed to bring America down to third world levels, not raise third world countries up to ours. So far, that plan has succeeded.

8. Bilderberg has used it power to start wars and "Overthrow" those who did not line up with their philosophy.

9. President Obama, while on the campaign trail in Virginia, suddenly left his plane during a stop there, leaving the reporters and media people to ask Robert Gibbs where he had gone. Robert Gibbs replied if he wanted them to know, he would tell them when he returned. Bilderberg was meeting at the time in Chantilly, VA. It is believed by many that Obama was summoned to the Conference to receive the "Blessing" of the Bilderbergs.

The last four are just rumors that have surfaced from the most credible sources on the subject, but how much of this could be the truth?

When you have annual meetings with the 100 to 150 of the world's most "Elite", security provided by the military, the CIA and Secret Service agencies from around the world, complete with media blackout of the event, though some in attendance are members and heads of the media, what could possibly come out of this? Do you suppose they are just playing gin rummy and drinking scotch? Highly doubtful.

Is the Bilderberg Group responsible for some of the things mentioned previously? Are they steering the course of nations through their annual meetings? Is this group working to bring forth a New World Order or a One World Government?

Here are some great links to a couple of websites that track what the Bilderberg Group has been up to. Some very good reading and some deeper thoughts on the subject. Check it out and decide for yourself.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" - Edmund Burke