Friday, May 28, 2010

Mysteries at Olyphant, PA?

A little known subject for most, are the Mysteries of the City of Olyphant, PA. Olyphant, a town of approximately 5,000 residents sits in the Northeast corner of the state of Pennsylvania. The town, from all outward appearances, looks like any other town of it's size. But there are those who talk about the "Stargate" and it's connection to the Constellation of Orion and UFOlogy, as well as the connection to ancient Egyptian symbolism.

It has been said by those who have delved into the mysteries of Olyphant that the story of this town has been obscured by the "Establishment", that those in power have tried to hide the truth of this town.

When looking at a map of the town, one will be pointed to the connection to Orion by the layout of certain way points, churches laid out on the far corners with a Jewish Temple in the center, the design being the position of the stars that make up Orion. 6 Churches and 1 Temple, making the number 7. the Egyptians were said to worship the 7 stars of the constellation, believing the Pharaoh "God kings" came from Orion, and that when they died here, their souls returned there as well.

This, as well as the earthen Pyramid that sits overlooking the town (Not as much now as in past decades because of erosion and man's influence) and the positioning of an anchor, symbolic of the Egyptian "Ankh", pointing towards the Temple, makes some believe that the Temple may be a gateway to another dimension or plain of existence. Perhaps a Stargate with access to Orion itself.

The Temple is no longer used for worship, but was bought by Magicians Dorothy D. And John Pravo, owners if the Houdini Museum in Scranton, PA own the home beside the Temple, and it has been rumored that the Temple may hold some magic secrets. On her store in Scranton is the Words, "Houdini Lives". Does she perhaps have access to a dimension or portal to know that Houdini does live "In another existence"?

From what I have read on the Olyphant, PA mysteries, one name comes up most, that of John Peruka, who has done the most research and commenting on this issue. The small amount of information available on this issue seems to always include his name in some part. I do know that numerology plays a large part in what has been suggested about Olyphant, though I am not familiar enough with that discipline to say one way or the other if it is logical or just wishful math on someones part.

It this town and the "Mystery" worth another look by Paranormal Investigators? Is this a story just made up by a man who sees things of no real importance and builds a fantasy story around them? Just click the links below and read for yourself about the "Mysteries of Olyphant".

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