Friday, June 4, 2010

UFO Sightings For May 2010 In US

Over 250 reported cases of Unidentified Flying Objects in the United States for the month of May, 2010. (National UFO Reporting Center -

Of course, this number is always affected by mistaking normal or man made anomalies for UFO's, and by the occasional outright hoax. It is also just the number of cases reported, and given the fact that many fear being made fun of, or called "Crazy" by the supposed "Main Stream", the number of actual sightings are probably more dramatic still.

Date: May 29th, 2010
Time: Approximately 9:30pm
Location: Oregon City, Oregon
Reports: 3
Overview: Triangular Light Formation

According to eyewitness accounts, the lights that were seen were white/yellow to orange/red in color. All accounts given stated the lights where in a triangular shape, hovering low above the city or the general location of the city. (Keep in mind that darkness distorts depth perception and distance).

The first account given was of an individual driving to work who saw the triangular formation for approximately 20 minutes over the city. Two other accounts stated that the lights changed formation. One report stating one light "flying" separate from the others before all disappeared (Three lights in triangle formation, one separate), the other stating a number of lights changing direction and criss-crossing each other, four at a time with a number of 12 total, before the lights disappeared.

These lights reportedly could be seen in the eastern night sky if viewed from the Interstate 205 area of Oregon City, looking towards the cliff where the Oregon City Elevator (A Municipal Structure) is located.

The sightings lasted from 3 minutes to 20 minutes in length, given by the reporting individuals.

Report 1
Report 2
Report 3

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